Faunder and Chairman

                                                                                                 Senior Paster

                                                                                                 Mubarik Khuram Victor

About Us




Pastor Mubarik Khuram Victor is a man of vision.

And almighty God has filled me with Holy Spirit and also is hungry and thirsty of lost souls reaching to unreached believers and non-believers from all races.


 Pastor Mubarik Khuram Victor is very much bold man of God and has heart feeling to bring 5 lakh souls to Christ by the grace of God.



Pastor Mubarik Khuram Victor who is a outstanding preacher hundreds of Hindus Tribes Baptized by Him during the year 2009.       


 Faith in Action:-

Pastor Mubarik Khuram is man of Faith in Action.

All things are possible in Jesus Christ.


Love in Action:-

Pastor Mubarik Khuram is well known as a man of love as He loves to all mankind without any discrimination.   

He brings strangers at home and shows his pure love with their needs according to the Scripture that “Love your neighbor as yourself”.




  1. Church planting
  2. Wining Souls
  3. reaching to unreached  
  4. Women Ministry
  5. Youth Ministry
  6. Sunday School Ministry
  7. Prayer Ministry
  8. Intersession & Prayer Warrior
  9. Crusades & Seminars
  10. Education Ministry
  11. Bible Collage
  12. Orphan and poor kids home
  13. Vocational Institutions
  14. Feeding Hungry and needy strangers from poorest communities